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Justice of the Peace criminal and traffic
Superior Court criminal case
SUPERIOR COURT CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS ONLY: If the credit card payment you are making is for a defendant to be discharged from probation or released from a corrections facility, there will be a delay of a minimum of 10-14 days or a maximum of up to 30 days in having the payment credited to the defendant’s account.  The defendant will not be discharged or released until payment is credited.   In order to facilitate a timely release or discharge, a cash payment should be made either with the Office of State Court Collections Enforcement or at the Superior Court Prothonotary Office in the County in which the defendant owes the costs.
Family Court criminal case sentenced prior to 1/2/2002
Family Court criminal case sentenced after 1/2/2002
Department of Corrections Supervision and Interstate Compact Fees
Court of Common Pleas