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Patricia W. Griffin
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    Established in 1971, the Administrative Office of the Courts is the administrative arm of the State of Delaware Supreme Court. The Administrative Office of the Courts, including the Judicial Information Center (JIC) and the Office of the State Court Collections Enforcement (OSCCE) provides centralized services to the Delaware Judiciary that are consistent with the statewide policies and goals for judicial administration and support operations as established by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. The functions and responsibilities of the Administrative Office of the Courts are set out in the Operating Procedures for the Delaware Judicial Branch.

     The Administrative Office of the Courts is a unique organization in the State of Delaware's governmental structure. Neither the legislative or executive branches have a comparable organization that provides the broad range of functions and services that the Administrative Office of the Courts does for the judicial branch. Staff of the Administrative Office of the Courts provide a wide range of professional services to assist and meet the needs of judges and trial court staff working in the court system.


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