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Insurance Programs

Health, dental, and life insurance is available to eligible permanent/full-time, permanent/part-time (at least 30 hours per week), and limited-term employees through payroll deduction. Please visit and click on the current year’s open enrollment booklet for detailed information on plans and rates.

Health Insurance

photo of the medical symbolThere are a variety of plans available, and each of the plans offer the option to cover the following:

        • Employee only
        • Employee/Child(ren)
        • Employee/Spouse*
        • Family Coverage*

Additional information is available for candidates to review prior to selecting a health insurance plan.  All eligible employees may participate immediately, provided the employee pays both the State and employee shares. After three months of employment, permanent employees pay only the employee share. Employees must sign up for coverage within the first 30 days of employment; otherwise, the employee must wait until the annual open enrollment to be effective July 1 of the next year.  *If selected, the spousal coordination of benefit policy applies, and an additional form must be filled out.  If an employee’s spouse is covered by a plan where the spouse works, there are varying degrees of what the State will pay for allowable charges. 

Employees enrolled in a health plan with the State of Delaware, with the exception of the Basic Plan, will find their prescription drug benefit managed by Medco Health Solutions, Inc.  Medco’s website,, offers extensive on-line resources, including health and benefit information and on-line pharmacy services.
Dental Insurance
Coverage is available and employees must sign up within the first 30 days of employment; otherwise, there is a wait until the annual open enrollment to be effective July 1 of the next year.  

Life Insurance
A group universal Life insurance plan is offered for the employee, and a term life insurance plan for the spouse/child(ren) through Minnesota Life by calling 1-877-215-1489 and asking for an information packet. Eligible employees wishing to participate in the group universal life insurance program are required to apply, enroll, and pay the applicable premium in order to be covered. Permanent full-time and permanent part-time employees are eligible the first of the month following three months service. Payroll deductions begin the month prior to the coverage effective date.

Blood Bank
Membership is available at any time to all employees with the State of Delaware paying the annual membership fee except for temporary, casual, seasonal, or limited-term employees. These employees pay a $5 annual membership fee. Coverage includes unlimited blood for the employee, spouse, and dependents. To maintain membership, the employee must either donate blood, have a substitute donate blood for you, or make a payment of $30 once every two or three years.

Employee Assistance Program
Human Management Services, Inc. (HMS) is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that offers confidential counseling and referral services to help employees and their eligible dependents successfully manage life’s problems.  HMS counselors will listen to the employee’s concerns, help to identify the source of the problem, and work with the employee to find practical solutions as quickly as possible. There is no charge for the referral service.  If an employee chooses to continue treatment, he or she would be responsible for any cost beyond what their individual health care coverage provides.

For information on any of the following visit  Click on Member Sign In.  Username: Delaware.  Password: Delaware 05. 

  • Auto and home insurance
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Group Legal services
  • Vision insurance
  • Pet insurance

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Financial Programs

photo of a piggy bank

Retirement and Others

A pension plan is available to permanent full-time and permanent part-time employees who work at least 50 hours per month. Employees contribute 3% of their annual compensation in excess of $6,000 plus 2% of compensation in excess of social security wage base. Employees leaving State service before retirement may withdraw pension contributions, elect to freeze contributions in anticipation of future State employment, or, with five years of service, may apply for a vested pension.  In case of discrepancies, the plan document is the official determination of benefits.  An employee is eligible for full pension benefits under the following criteria:

  • Age 62 with 5 years credited service, or
  • Age 60 with 15 years credited service, or
  • After 30 years of credited service

A reduced pension is available for employees under the following criteria:

  • Age 55 with 15 year credited service, or
  • 25 years credited service regardless of age

Deferred Compensation
Deferred compensation is available to all employees through payroll deduction. Deferred compensation is a voluntary investment plan to supplement retirement income and to defer taxable income. Call Fidelity Investments at 1-800-343-0860 to enroll in the Deferred Compensation Plan and ask to join the State of Delaware’s 457(b) Plan. 

Direct Deposit
Direct deposit is a condition of employment for all full-time employees. Deposit of paychecks will be made to checking or savings accounts in a financial institution of the employee’s choice.

Delaware Federal Credit Union
Delaware State Employees Federal Credit Union membership is available to all employees.  The cost to join is $5.  Once employees join, they may always be a member.  For more information visit their website at

Flexible Spending Account
A flexible spending account is an employer-sponsored plan that lets you deduct dollars from your paycheck and put them into a special account that is protected from taxes.  Employees use the money in their accounts to pay for certain out-of-pocket family expenses thereby avoiding paying taxes on those dollars.  An employee must enroll after three months of employment or will be required to wait until the next open enrollment period in the fall to be effective the next calendar year, as this benefit is on a calendar-year basis.

Pre-Tax Commuter Benefits
For all employees who utilize mass transit or the vanpool to get to and from work, or who pay to park while working, this pre-tax commuter benefit allows them to save money on the fees paid for these transportation costs.  The Internal Revenue Service allows up to $215 per month in pre-tax money to be set aside to pay for parking expenses incurred while at work.  The IRS also allows up to $110 per month in pre-tax dollars to be set aside to pay for mass transit or van pooling expenses incurred to travel to and from work. 

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Leave Programs
photo of a desk calendar

Paid and Unpaid Leave of Absence

Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
The FMLA requires covered employers to provide up to 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave to eligible employees for the following reasons:

      • For incapacity due to pregnancy, prenatal medical care, or child birth;
      • To care for the employee’s child after birth, or placement for adoption or foster care;
      • To care for the employee’s spouse, son or daughter, or parent, who has a serious health condition; or
      • For a serious health condition that makes the employee unable to perform the employee’s job.

Under the law, there are also military family leave entitlements available.  Further information may be obtained from your personnel representative.   

Donated Leave Program
The program is designed to aid employees suffering from any illness or injury to the employee or to a member of an employee’s family who is diagnosed by a physician and certified by the physician as rendering the employee or the member of the employee’s family unable to work.  The program enables the employee to draw upon sick and annual leave donated by other employees. Employees may donate sick and annual leave in equal amounts directly to other specified employees suffering from illnesses pursuant to the terms and conditions set forth by the Act. They may also donate to the “Donated Leave Bank” which eligible employees may draw upon.

Annual & Sick Leave
Judicial Branch Employees accrue annual leave at 13.25 hours per month and sick leave at 9.5 hours per month.

Merit System Employees accrue sick leave at 9.5 hours per month and annual leave as follows: less than 10 years = 9.5 hours per month; 10 years to less than 15 years =11.25 hours per month; 15 years or more = 13.25 hours per month.

There are 10 legal holidays plus two floating holidays per year (depending on date of hire) plus any other day or part of the day designated by the Chief Justice. Visit the website at to view the actual holidays.

Compassionate Leave
Judicial Branch employees may be granted with up to five paid workdays for death in the immediate family and one paid workday off to attend the funeral of other near-relatives.

Military Leave
Fifteen paid workdays per year for National Guard or reserve duty.

Jury Duty/Witness
Paid leave is provided to employees who are required to report for jury duty or to appear as a witness, if subpoenaed. If the employee appears on his or her behalf, the employee may be excused without pay or may request annual leave.

Other Leaves
Paid leave is also available to participate in examinations required for Merit positions, interviews for State classified positions, delegates at union conventions, volunteer fire duty, and U.S. Olympic competition.

Education Leave
Employees may request leave to pursue special work or training directly related to employment.  Such leave may be paid or unpaid, depending on the circumstances, and is subject to approval. 

Personal Leave
Personal leave may be approved for up to one year, and in exceptional cases, may be extended to a maximum of two years. The employee may continue health insurance by paying both the State and employee cost of coverage.

Workers' Compensation
Payments for medical expenses and loss of wages resulting from a work-related injury or illness are provided in accordance with the Delaware Workers’ Compensation Act. 

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Educational Assistance

photo of a graduation cap

Available to permanent full-time, permanent part-time employees

Educational assistance is available on a limited basis to permanent full-time and permanent part-time employees who work a minimum of 30 hours per week.  Subject to prior approval and availability of funds, reimbursement will be made for satisfactory completion of work-related courses. The Delaware Judiciary must be reimbursed if the employee leaves employment of the State of Delaware within six months of course completion. The Delaware Judiciary will reimburse tuition costs and related fees only. The employee must pay for books, parking fees, and transportation costs.

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