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Judicial Clerkships

Judicial Clerkships, 2015-2016—How to Apply
President Judge's Message

As President Judge of the Superior Court of the State of Delaware, I invite interested law students to apply for challenging judicial law clerk positions available in our Court. A judicial clerkship with our Court offers many exciting and challenging opportunities for recent law school

Our Court is the trial court of general jurisdiction which means that we handle all types of criminal and civil cases including appeals from the Court of Common Pleas and more than 50 administrative agencies.

We have 21 judges located in our three counties. There are 15 judges in New Castle County, three judges in Kent County, and three judges in our southern most county, Sussex County. The New Castle County Courthouse is located in Wilmington. The Kent County Courthouse is located in our capital, Dover. The Sussex County Courthouse is located in Georgetown, about 25 minutes from the Delaware beaches.

The majority of our judges rotate through the criminal and civil divisions every three months and this rotation system provides our law clerks with tremendous experience in both arenas. Law clerks have the opportunity to watch trials, hearings, motions, office conferences, scheduling conferences and pretrial conferences. In addition, law clerks routinely play a major role in drafting opinions.

In New Castle County the courthouse is a new multi-million dollar building located on five acres in the Christina Gateway section of the city of Wilmington. In Kent and Sussex Counties the courthouses are renovated historic buildings. In each courthouse we employ state of the art courtroom technologies.

We are gratified that Superior Court was again ranked first overall for the ninth year in a State Liability Systems Ranking Study. The study gauges the "perceived fairness or reasonableness" of state courts in civil jury trials. Respondents, the 1,125 corporate general counsels and senior litigators and other senior attorneys graded all 50 states in each of the categories. Delaware, again, for the ninth year was ranked number one overall.

We are proud of our Court and hope students will consider a clerkship with us.

Judicial Clerkships—How to Apply

We welcome interested students to apply for these clerkship positions. To be considered for clerkship positions, you must be a third-year law student who will have graduated before the clerkship begins. The starting salary as of 2013 is $50,243.68 which increases yearly, subject to appropriations.

Send clerkship inquiries to Superior Court Judicial Clerkships

The Superior Court recommends that an application be accompanied by two letters of recommendation.

Eligible students interested in a clerkship in New Castle County should submit a resume, writing sample and transcript to:

The Honorable Vivian L. Medinilla
Superior Court Judges' Chambers
New Castle County Courthouse
500 North King Street, Suite 10400
Wilmington, DE 19801-3733

Those interested in a clerkship in Kent County should send a resume, writing sample and transcript to:

The Honorable William L. Witham Jr.
Superior Court Judges' Chambers
Kent County Courthouse
38 The Green
Dover, DE 19901

Eligible students interested in a clerkship in Sussex County should submit a resume, writing sample and transcript to:

The Honorable T. Henley Graves
Superior Court Judges' Chambers
Sussex County Courthouse
1 The Circle, Suite 2
Georgetown, DE 19947