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The Delaware Superior Court was the first state court to adopt a rule (Civil Rule 107(h)) which allows parties to file briefs and appendices with the court on hyperlinked CD-ROM disks. Under the rule, identical copies of any brief and exhibits may be filed on CD-ROM unless otherwise ordered by the court.

It is required that the CD-ROM include imaged or text copies of all legal authorities cited. A single CD-ROM can store the equivalent of 100,000 word processed pages. "When the parties are allowed to file briefs and appendices on CD-ROM there are a number of conveniences for the court and the litigants," said President Judge Henry Ridgely. "The most obvious convenience is portability. Hundreds of pages can be carried in your pocket and accessed from any computer. Probably the most helpful benefit is time savings for the reader," said President Judge Ridgely.

Access to citations within the brief is immediate with a double click. The practical benefit of this technology has been recognized in a Delaware Court of Chancery opinion. Chancellor William Chandler thanked the parties for submitting the briefs on CD-ROM in the case of Merck v. SmithKline Beecham saying, "It would not have been possible to review the record and the legal arguments and issue this decision as promptly without this high tech advantage."