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Press Releases

News/Announcements Date
Delaware Judiciary expresses condolences on passing of recently retired employee Vivian Anderson 05/16/2016
Chief Justice Strine participates in Delaware Historical Society panel discussion about race 03/29/2016
Justice Valihura participates in Harvard Roundtable on Corporate Governance 03/17/2016
The Delaware Courts unveil upgraded, more user-friendly and mobile device-friendly website 03/16/2016
Video broadcast of Delaware Supreme Court arguments now available in real time, online 03/09/2016
Delaware Judiciary expresses condolences on passing of retired Justice Henry Ridgely Horsey 03/04/2016
Justice Valihura participates in New York educational M&A seminar, pays tribute to pioneering NY judge 01/19/2016
Delaware Courts to increase e-document fee to support universal e-filing initiative 12/08/2015
Committee on Fairness in the Criminal Justice system holds public hearings 12/04/2015
Justices take part in ceremony for historical marker at Eden Hill Farm 10/02/2015
New court website provides comprehensive details on the disciplinary process for Delaware judges 08/21/2015
The Delaware Supreme Court Adopts New Delaware Rapid Arbitration Rules 06/19/2015
The Delaware Supreme Court and the Delaware Court of Chancery Issue Amended Rules Related to the Delaware Arbitration Act 05/21/2015
The Honorable Collins J. Seitz, Jr. Takes the Oath of Office for Justice of the Supreme Court of Delaware 05/01/2015
The Delaware Supreme Court Amends Delaware Supreme Court Rule 42 and Official Form L 04/30/2015
Bill Montgomery Selected as New Delaware Supreme Court Administrator 11/17/2014
Justice Holland Edits Book for Library of Congress Commemorating the 800th Anniversary of Magna Carta 11/10/2014
Justice Randy J. Holland to Receive the American Inns of Court 2014 Lewis F. Powell Award for Professionalism and Ethics 08/05/2014
The Honorable Karen Valihura Takes the Oath of Office for Justice of the Supreme Court of Delaware 07/25/2014
The Honorable Leo E. Strine, Jr. Takes the Oath of Office for the Chief Justice of the Delaware Supreme Court 02/28/2014
Justice Ridgely Speaks In The Netherlands 02/07/2014
Delaware Supreme Court Launches Free Online Access to Video Recorded Proceedings 11/15/2013
Delaware Supreme Court Announces Appointment of Members to Commission on Law and Technology 09/09/2013
Justice Holland Speaks in Australia 08/27/2013
Supreme Court Justice Jack B. Jacobs Honored at the 7th Annual Columbia-Ono Academic College Joint Conference in Tel Aviv 08/01/2013