Commission Letterhead

Policy Statement on the Sale of Mailing Lists

The Supreme Court has authorized the Commission to provide attorneys' mailing addresses to CLE providers in order for attorneys to be better informed about CLE offerings. The Commission will not provide telephone numbers, fax numbers, or e-mail addresses, only the attorney's mailing address on record with the Court. Addresses will only be provided to organizations which have obtained approval of a CLE program with the Commission.

The fee structure is as follows:

Mailing lists on paper:

$0.02 per name

Mailing lists by fax:

$0.02 per name

Mailing lists in an e-mail attachment or on disk*

$0.01 per name

Mailing labels (30 per sheet, white only)

$0.05 per name

Please call or e-mail and provide information regarding your target audience (attorneys in a specific county, attorneys admitted to the Delaware Bar within the past five years, attorneys practicing in Delaware, etc.). Providers will receive lists including both inactive and active attorneys unless otherwise specified. Also indicate how you would like the lists sorted. We will then give you a total cost and run the list. We will send the list upon receipt of payment (check or money order made payable to "Commission on Continuing Legal Education").

*please specify format: .pdf, .dbf, .fp5, .mer, .csv, .slk, .htm (table format only), .dif, .wk1, .bas. Mailing lists on a disk will be provided ONLY if you supply the disk with payment - IBM compatible 3.5" or ZIP disk up to 250MB.

Please contact Margot Millar, Executive Director, with any questions, at (302) 577-7040 or