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Superior Court has a legacy of leadership in the use of technology. Since 1991 the Court has continually embraced the newest advances in technology and been the first to implement technologies that are now viewed as standard.

For over 20 years throughout the court and the courtroom we have used the newest electronic processes and procedures. In 1991 we had one of the only statewide online case management and e-filing systems.

Steady advances have added specialized databases, CD-ROM briefs, video-conferencing, automated criminal sentencing, Web access to vital information, and advanced hardware and software in the court and the courtroom. The Court, the attorneys and the public have all benefited from the advancements with easier access, efficiency and productivity.

Electronic filing is nothing new for the Superior Court of Delaware. Delaware was the first state in the nation to implement an electronic docketing and filing system for civil cases in the United States. That system was called the Complex Litigation Automated Docket or CLAD, and went into effect in 1991.

The use of this efiling system in 1991 meant that more than 1.8 million court documents annually went electronic. That saved an estimated 9+ million pieces of paper annually, enough to stack as high as a 300-story building every year.

In 2003 the Court transitioned its efiling processes to LexisNexis™ File & Serve; the existing CLAD files were imported into LexisNexis™.

In 2007 the Court expanded the use of e-filing in Superior Court to all major categories of civil cases.

Our experimental eCourtroom became operational in August 1999, when the Delaware State Bar Association teamed up with vendors to design and implement what was purported to be the nation's first actively used eCourtroom.

Superior Court built upon the hands-on experience gained in the experimental eCourt and proceeded to establish new hi-tech courtrooms in Dover, Georgetown, and Wilmington.

In November 2001, Courtroom 2, Superior Court's high tech courtroom in Georgetown, Sussex County officially went online. This was followed by Courtroom 7 in Dover, Kent County in May 2002. The newly built courtrooms surpassed the basic technology used in the first Superior Court experimental eCourtroom, in Wilmington, Delaware.

In September 2002, New Castle County Superior Court moved into the newly built courthouse where cutting-edge technologies are employed throughout the building. The courtrooms are equipped with the updated wireless and electronic presentation equipment that was first installed and tested in the Superior Court experimental e Courtroom.

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