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Support Forms

Below is a listing of and links to blank forms that are necessary in filing for Support. They are separated into two categories:

Required Forms or Situational Forms
The forms listed under "Required Forms" MUST be submitted in order for your filing to be accepted by the Court.   The forms listed under "Situational Forms" should only be filed if your circumstances match those described.
All forms are provided in Microsoft Word (.doc) format. If you do not own Microsoft Word or the Microsoft Office Suite, you may want to consider downloading Open Office, free of charge, from the

If you are not able to determine which forms you need to file, please review the Frequently Asked Questions About Child Support, visit the Family Court Resource Center in your County, or consider contacting an attorney. ALL Pro Se litigants are encouraged to review the Frequently Asked Questions About Child Support while preparing their filing.

Required Forms for New Support

Required Form Prior to Mediation or First Court Appearance

Situational Forms for Existing Support

(Please review all forms and scenarios):

  • Petition for Child Support Modification (Form 342)
    • File this form if you have a Child Support Order with the Court and:
    • more than 2 1/2 years have passed since the current support amount was determined or calculated OR
    • less than 2 1/2 years have passed since the last support determination and a substantial change in circumstances, through no fault of the Petitioner, has occurred regarding income, health insurance cost or availability, daycare or private school tuition, number of minor children ordered to support, or the number of other minor children to support.
  • Notice and Motion to Revoke Child Support (Form 254)
    If you do not receive a Notice of Administrative Adjustment and you believe that your child support obligation should have been terminated, you may file a Notice and Motion to Revoke Child Support
  • Motion to Contest an Administrative Adjustment (Form 253)
    File this motion if an Administrative Adjustment has been made by DCSS and you wish to contest this decision
  • Appeal of a Child Support Admin Decision and Order (Form 217)
    File this form if an Administrative Decision and Order have been entered by DCSS on your Child Support Obligation and you wish to appeal their decision
  • Petition for Child Support Arrears (Form 343) File this form if you have a current Child Support Order but you have not received payments as ordered by the Court over the past 90 days
  • Affidavit and Request to Register a Foreign Support Order (Form 127A)
    • File this form if you have a child support order from another state and you would like to have it registered in the State of Delaware
    • You must attach two (2) copies of the most recent support order, one of which needs to be certified by the Court that issued it
  • Affidavit of Parentage (Form 154)
    • Filing this form is required if parentage has not been adjudicated as to each child. Adjudication means there is a Court order confirming the identity of the parents.
    • In cases in which the Court must decide parentage, the form must be filed with the Court.