Human Resources Contacts


HR Support Personnel

Supreme Court
Court of Chancery
Administrative Office of the Courts
Judicial Information Center
Office of State Court Collections Enforcement
Law Libraries
Office of the Public Guardian
Office of the Child Advocate
Child Death Review Commission
Delaware Nursing Home Residents Quality
Assurance Commission

Helen J. McKinley
Human Resource Manager
Phone: (302) 255-0096
Fax: (302) 255-2482

Abby Smith
Human Resource Specialist
Phone:(302) 255-2523

Superior Court

Lori F. Smith
Human Resources Specialist
Phone: (302) 255-2573

Nicole D. Schian
Human Resource Specialist
Phone: (302) 255-0803

Family Court

Andre Boggerty
Director of Human Resources
Phone: (302) 255-0066

Heather Goodyear
Human Resource Specialist (New Castle)
Phone: (302) 255-0202

Bill Carpenter
Human Resource Specialist III
Phone: (302) 672-1006 Kent County
Phone: (302) 855-7458 Sussex County

Joy Smith
Senior Human Resources Technician
Phone: (302) 255-0057

Court of Common Pleas

MaryJarrell Little
Human Resource Specialist
Phone: (302) 255-0869

Rebbecca Hammerer
Senior Human Resource Technician
Phone: (302) 255-2646

Justice of the Peace Court

Patty Moore
Human Resource Specialist IV
Phone: (302) 323-4530

Zoe Carter
Human Resource Specialist III
Phone: (302) 323-6326