Office of the Public Guardian


To provide quality, comprehensive, protective guardianship services to adult citizens of Delaware who are severely mentally or physically disabled, are unable to manage their personal and financial affairs, are at risk for neglect, abuse and victimization and have no one else able or willing to serve as a guardian.

Goals of the Office of the Public Guardian

Advocate for the agency, its mission and its service to individuals through education and networking with the public and other professional communities. Maintain the certification as registered guardians of key staff in whom decision-making is vested.

Information for Guardians and other Decision-Makers

The Office of the Public Guardian is charged by statue with the task of acting as an informational resource for the public, and is available to answer questions regarding decision-making in Delaware. To assist in this mission the links and information below is provided by the Public Guardian, creating an accessible point for current important information regarding the conduct of our duties as professional and private guardians.

COVID-19 Information

There are many questions on the part of guardians regarding access to and advocating for clients and loved ones in care settings. Please see below for helpful information.

Frequently Asked Questions by Guardians About the COVID-19 Pandemic

National Guardianship Association Information and Links

What is a Guardian?

A guardian is a person or institution appointed by the Court of Chancery to manage the affairs of another, called the ward.

Types of Guardianship

There are two types of guardianship: of the person, and of the property. A guardian of the person is given the authority to make personal decisions for the ward, like where he will live, and under what conditions, etc. A guardian of the property manages the finances of the ward.

The Court may appoint either type of guardian or both person and property, or two separate guardians may be appointed. An institution, such as a bank, may be appointed guardian of the property.