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eFile system for the Delaware State Courts
Effective April 2, 2017:
Electronic filings for the Court of Common Pleas should be submitted in File & Serve Delaware

Support Contact Information to the State of Delaware Judiciary eFlex eFiling

Documents may be filed to new or previously e-filed or paper-filed CIVIL cases in the Justice of the Peace Court at the eFlex eFiling website. For more information go to Electronic Filing in the Delaware Judiciary.

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Case Specific Questions

For case specific problems or questions, please contact the the Court in which you are filing:

Justice of the Peace Court
Court 9 (302) 378-5221
Court 13 (302) 323-6070
Court 16 (302) 739-4316
Court 17 (302) 856-1447

Technical Questions

For technical problems or questions regarding the Delaware Court eFiling website, please contact the Delaware eFlex Help Line:

Phone Number: (302) 323-5369, press 2
Email: jic.helpdesk@delaware.gov

In order to provide faster service, please provide the information below when requesting help:

  1. The case number
  2. The company name, if applicable
  3. The login ID and full name
  4. Error message if any