Effective November 1st, 2022: If you are scheduled for a Non-Jury Trial Case Review in the Court of Common Pleas, it is now going to be a trial event instead.

File & Serve Delaware
Delaware's Official e-Filing System for the Court of Common Pleas

Welcome to File & Serve Delaware, the State of Delaware e-filing System for the Court of Common Pleas.

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Filing Fees

File & Serve Delaware will permit you to file your case directly with the Court of Common Pleas. Your civil case filing fees can be paid on File & Serve Delaware by using a credit card or pre-approved monthly invoice.

In addition to the filing fees associated with each case, you will also be assessed a $1.25 fee per document in accordance with the Court's e-filing rule.

For File & Serve Delaware fees, please refer to File & ServeXpress .


For training, please visit the Court of Common Pleas File & Serve Delaware Microsite.