eFlex Training Modules

E-Flex is the electronic filing system for the Justice of the Peace Court. To make it more convenient for filers, we have changed our training from a classroom-based course to an online video-based course. The videos below cover the same content covered in the classroom sessions but can be watched at your convenience as part of your initial training and can be referred to any time you would like a refresher.

To obtain a Logon ID to use e-Flex, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Watch the series of 32 training module videos listed below which have a total duration of 90 minutes.
  2. Complete and submit the training certification form located at the bottom of this page.
  3. Request an e-Flex Account.

Getting Started

Module Module Title Video Link/
About This Series (2m 19s)
1 Overview of the Delaware Courts E-filing Web Site (4m 0s)
2 Prerequisites to Filing (3m 32s)
3 Accessing the e-Flex Application (2m 31s)
4 Requesting an e-Flex Logon ID (4m 15s)
4a Requesting a New or Renewing a Form 50 Application (4m 15s)
5 Establishing a Court Debit Account (2m 42s)
5a Adding/Deleting a Credit Card On Your Account (2m 42s)
6 Preparing Your Documents (2m 42s)
7 Navigating e-Flex Menus (2m 50s)

Filing a New Case

Module Module Title Video Link/
8 New Case: Case Initiation Screen (4m 26s)
9 New Case: Add Parties (5m 56s)
10 New Case: Add Documents (6m 5s)
10a New Case: DEHAP Recoupment         (no video)
11 New Case: Review and Submit Filing (5m 46s)
12 Log Out (0m 56s)

Case Submission Tracking

Module Module Title Video Link/
13 Email Communications (2m 16s)
14 My Filings (check status of filing) (3m 32s)
15 Review Receipts (2m 09s)
16 Correct a Rejected Case (6m 44s)
17 Existing Cases – View Docket and/or Documents (4m 46s)
18 Notifications (2m 36s)
19 Draft Filings (4m 23s)

Filing to Existing Case

Module Module Title Video Link/
20 Additional Filing on Existing Case (3m 00s)
21 Attorney Entry of Appearance (2m 20s)
22 Add a Form 50 to an Existing Case (2m 47s)
23 Substitution of Form 50 Agent or Attorney (2m 40s)
24 Add a party to an Existing Case (3m 10s)
25 Change a Party on an Existing Case (3m 00s)

Administrative Tasks

Module Module Title Video Link/
26 Modify Profile (1m 39s)
27 Add Court Debit Account to Your Profile (1m 28s)
28 View Filing Charges (1m 29s)
29 View Logon History (0m 41s)
30 Change Password (0m 42s)
31 Forgot Password or Username (1m 56s)
32 Get Help (1m 47s)

Complete Certification

If you would like to apply for an e-Flex Logon ID, you must first take the eFlex Training Quiz to certify that you viewed the training videos.