Complex Commercial Litigation Division Panel Judges

Cases identified as qualifying to be a Complex Commercial Litigation Division (CCLD) case are assigned, on a rotating basis, to a judge on the special CCLD panel, unless specially assigned to the case by the President Judge.

Administrative Directive 2018-3 Assignment of Judge (Complex Commercial Litigation) (Effective July 1, 2018)

The panel is be appointed by the President Judge from among the Superior Court judges. Each judge on the panel will serve a 3-year term unless replaced by the President Judge.

Judges assigned to the panel collaborate to promote uniformity in case management. Judges assigned to the panel may establish standing orders and protocols. (CCLD Standing Orders are default standards. Orders are flexible and adjustments may be made as agreed upon by the parties.)

If a case is assigned initially to a judge of the Court under another case category and it is subsequently identified as a qualifying case by a CIS filed by a responding party, it will be reassigned to a Special CCLD panel judge.

The current Complex Commercial Litigation Division Panel judges are:

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