Administrative Directives   (Effective date in parentheses.)


Administrative Directive 2019-1 - Assignment of Judges (1 January)


Administrative Directive 2018-4 Delaware Superior Court Bench-Bar Liaison Program (18 June)
[Supersedes AD 2017-4]

Administrative Directive 2018-3 Assignment of Judge (Complex Commercial Litigation) (1 July)

Administrative Directive 2018-2 Employee Dress Code Policy (13 March)
[Supersedes AD 1996-4]

Administrative Directive 2018-1 Assignment of Judges (1 January)
Administrative Directive 2017-6 Automatic Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation Program (17 August)
Administrative Directive 2017-5 Relating to the Modification of Sentences for Habitual Criminal Offenders (23 April)
[Amending Special Rule 2017-1]
Administrative Directive 2017-4 Delaware Superior Court Bench-Bar Program (07 March)
[Supersedes AD 2015-4]

Administrative Directive 2017-3 Mediation Training/Recertification (07 March)
[Supersedes AD 2009-2]

Administrative Directive 2017-2 - Special Rule of Procedure for the Modification of Sentence for Habitual Criminal Offenders (10 February)

Administrative Directive 2017-1 - Assignment of Judges (1 January)
Administrative Directive 2016-3 Lifting of Temporary Stay of Pending Trials and/or Penalty Hearings in Capital First-Degree Murder Cases . (17 August) [Supersedes AD 2016-2]
Administrative Directive 2016-2 Temporary Stay of Pending Trials, Penalty Hearings, and Certain Applications in Capital First-Degree Murder Cases. (1 February) [Rescinded by AD 2016-3]
Administrative Directive 2016-1 Assignment of Judges. (1 January)
No. 2015-7 Assignment of Judge (Complex Commercial Litigation). (30 November)
No. 2015-6 eFile Administrative Procedures (Technology Fee Increase). (1 January 2016)
No. 2015-5 County Caption Designation Change in Civil & Criminal Pleadings. (1 January 2016)
No. 2015-4 Delaware Superior Court Bench-Bar Program. (20 May) [Supersedes AD 2011-5]
No. 2015-3 Rescind Administrative Directive 2014-4 Consecutive/Concurrent Sentences. (27 March)
No. 2015-2 Assignment of Judges. (1 January)
No. 2015-1 Assignment of Judge (Complex Commercial Litigation). (1 January)
No. 2014-3 Designation of Pre-Trial Supervision of Juvenile Defendant Criminal Cases. (23 July) [Supersedes AD 2000-2]
No. 2014-1 Assignment of Judges. (2 January)
No. 2013-5 Administrative Procedures for Release From Custody. (1 January 2014)
No. 2013-4 Mortgage Foreclosure Dormant Docket. (10 October) [Supersedes AD 2008-3]
No. 2013-3 Assignment of Judges. Complex Commercial Litigation Division Panel. (1 May)
No. 2013-2 Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation Program. (28 May) [Revises & Replaces AD 2012-2]
No. 2012-3 Designation of Cases Filed as Civil Miscellaneous for e-Filing. (1 May)
No. 2011-5 Superior Court Bench-Bar Liaison Program. (2 June)
No. 2011-4 Civil Appeals Designated for Electronic Filing. (1 July)
No. 2010-3 Complex Commercial Litigation Division.
No. 2010-2 Elimination of Paper Files for Matters Using LexisNexis E-File . ( 22 February)
No. 2009-4 Designation of Judgment Cases for e-Filing. (1 January 2010)
No. 2009-2 Mediation Training. (13 August)
No. 2007-6 E-file Administrative Procedures. (13 December.) [Supersedes Administrative Directive No. 2003-8]
No. 2007-5 Commissioners Powers. (6 December) [Supersedes Administrative Directive No. 2000-3]
No. 2007-4 Designation of Complaints, Mechanic's Liens & Mortgage Cases for e-Filing. (1 January 2008)
No. 2007-2 Designation of ADR Cases for e-Filing Pursuant to Superior Court Civil Rule 79.1. (1 April)
No. 2006-2 Assignment of Civil and Criminal Cases in New Castle County. (1 January)
No. 2005-4 Assignment of Judges. (21 September)
No. 2005-1 Administrative Procedures for Consolidation of Cases Under Senate Bill 50. (7 January)
No. 2003-7 Designation of Certain Non-Arbitration Cases for eFiling. (12 August)
No. 2003-6 Procedures for Handling Applications to Proceed In Forma Pauperis. (17 July)
No. 2001-2 Use of Internet and Other Electronic Communication Tools. (22 May)
No. 2001-1 Strategic Plan for Making Court's Record. (12 April)
No. 2000-5 Policy on Public Access to Judicial Records. (3 April)
No. 2000-4 Superior Court Travel Expenses Policy. (18 February)
No. 98-3 List of Capital Penalty Hearing Cases. (2 June)
No. 98-1 Policy and Complaint Procedure for Harassment. (20 January)
No. 97-1 Confidentiality of Social Security Numbers. (12 February)

No. 96-4 Employee Dress Code Policy. (4 October)
[Rescinded by AD 2018-2]

No. 95-1 Individual Assignment of Civil and Appellate Calendars. (31 July)
No. [ ] Standard for Timely Disposition of Appellate Cases. (21 March)
No. 94-7 General Procedures for Consideration of Petitions for Writs of Habeas Corpus. (5 December)
No. 94-4 Special Assignment of Retrials. (7 October)
No. 93-2 Prohibition of Bias and Invidious Discrimination. (15 July)
No. 93-1 Electronic Filing of Dismissals (Nolle Prosequi) by the Attorney General. (15 July)
No. 92-3 Disposition of Defendant Pending Level 4 Violation Hearing. (21 September)

Administrative Orders   (Effective date in parentheses.)

Order Amending Rule 77(h) of the Superior Court Rules of Civil Procedure (15 August 2018)
Order Adopting a New Rule 16.1 of the Superior Court Rules of Civil Procedure (1 January 2018)
Order Amending Special Rule of Criminal Procedure 2017-1 for Review of a Request to Modify a Habitual Offender Sentence (8 November)
Order Amending Rule 107 (b) and (h) of the Superior Court Rules of Civil Procedure and Order Adopting Rule 107(j) and Form 48 of the Superior Court Rules of Civil Procedure (15 July)
Order Amending Rule 61 of the Superior Court Rules of Criminal Procedure (23 March)
Order Amending Rule 32(g)(3) of the Superior Court Rules of Criminal Procedure (15 December)
Order Amending Civil Rule 72(c),(d) of the Superior Court Rules of Civil Procedure (11 June)
Order Amending Civil Rule 79.1(d) (1 January 2016)
Order Amending Rules 26, 77 and 107 of the Superior Court Rules of Civil Procedure (1 October 2015)
Order Amending Rule 19 of the Superior Court Rules of Criminal Procedure (25 September 2015)
Order Amending Criminal Rule 61(e)(5) and (6) (1 June)
Order Amending Criminal Rule 61 (4 June)
Order Adopting Revised Petit Jury Plan of the Superior Court (5 March)
Order Amending Criminal Rule 61(e)(1) Appointment of Counsel (1 February)
Order Adopting Criminal Rule 35A of Superior Court Rules of Criminal Procedure (6 January)
New Castle County Asbestos Litigation Order-Assigned Judges (6 February)
No. 2007-1 Court Security Assessment (1 December)
Policy, Time Standards, and Procedures Relating to Civil Case Disposition (1 January)
Policy, Time Standards, and Procedures Relating to Criminal Case Disposition (1 January) [Supersedes 16 January 1991 Order]
Standard for Timely Disposition of Appellate Cases (1 April)

Administrative Civil, Criminal and Special Procedure Rules

Civil Rules

Rules of Civil Procedure, Superior Court of Delaware (2016) * Online version courtesy of LEXIS Publishing.

Amendments to Civil Rules:

Criminal Rules

Rules of Criminal Procedure, Superior Court of Delaware (2016) * Online version courtesy of LEXIS Publishing.

Amendments to Criminal Rules:

Special Procedure Rule

Rule of Special Procedure, Superior Court of Delaware (2017)

Amendments to Special Procedure Rules:

Restitution Protocols

Restitution Protocols Documentation (2006)

Procedural Rules-Weapon Permits

Rule 11 Del. C. § 1441—Issuance & Renewal of Licenses to Carry Concealed Deadly Weapons

Administrative Plans

Civil Plans

Civil Case Management Plan-New Castle County

Civil Case Management Plan-Kent County

Civil Case Management Plan-Sussex County

Criminal Plans

Criminal Case Management Plan for Resentencing Proceedings (12 July 2013)

Criminal Case Management Plan-New Castle County

Criminal Case Management Plan-Kent County

Criminal Case Management Plan-Sussex County

Judges' Rotation Plan

Jury Plans

Petit Jury Plan of the Superior Court (5 March)

Plan for the Special Selection of Juries (22 August 1994) [See also: Civil Rule 3(e)]

Special Jury Plan for Capital Cases

Standards Relating to Jury Use and Management

Administrative Notices, Memorandums & Other Documents

Interim Guideline for the Use of Electronic Devices by Media Representatives (30 November 2015)

Memo Re: Vacating Special Assignment of Cases Pertaining to 21 Del. C. §4176A (17 October 2006)

LexisNexis e-File Kent County Sheriff Returns (5 February 2007)

LexisNexis e-File Kent County Judgment and Execution Writs (5 September 2006)

Guide to the Delaware Rules of Legal Citation in the Superior Court of Delaware (September 2004)

Memo to Members of the Bar Re: Superior Court Rule 4(d), Title 10 §3104, §3112 and §3114 (25 August 2004)

Sentencing Memorandum No. 1-Sentencing to KEY or Greentree programs

Sentencing Memorandum No. 2-Calculation of Credit Time

Sentencing Memorandum No. 3-Time Served and Related Issues

Sentencing Memorandum No. 4-Commencement of the Level IV Portion of a Sentence [Sentencing Memorandum No. 5-Rescinded]

Sentencing Memorandum No. 6-Incarceration for one year or more

Sentencing Memorandum No. 7-Length of Probation or Suspension of Sentence

Superior Court Expectations for Attorney's Professionalism and Civility in a Courtroom Setting (8 April 2004)