Office of Disciplinary Counsel

Office of Disciplinary Counsel

The Office of Disciplinary Counsel ("ODC") is an Arm of the Supreme Court of Delaware, which assists the Court in regulating the practice of law. In this capacity, the ODC is charged with evaluating, investigating, and, if warranted, prosecuting lawyer misconduct. All complaints regarding a Delaware lawyer's conduct should be directed to the ODC. (Obtain a Complaint form). With respect to lawyers who have been disbarred or suspended, contact can be made with the Receiver appointed by the Court of Chancery. (For Receivers and Other Contacts for Closed Practices, please click here.)

The primary purpose of the ODC is to protect the public from lawyer misconduct. Delaware lawyers are obligated to conform their conduct to rules established by the Supreme Court of Delaware, the Delaware Lawyers' Rules of Professional Conduct. Each complaint filed with the ODC is reviewed and evaluated to determine whether the lawyer has violated one or more of these Rules and whether the ODC has enough evidence to prosecute a disciplinary action against the lawyer. All complaints are confidential as mandated by the Delaware Lawyers' Rules of Disciplinary Procedure.

The ODC is also responsible for evaluating complaints concerning the unauthorized practice of law in Delaware. If warranted, after evaluation and investigation, the ODC is responsible for prosecuting individuals who engage in the unauthorized practice of law in this State.

Some Things You Should Know!

Some Things You Should Know

Each year, the ODC handles hundreds of complaints regarding lawyer conduct. Only a small percentage of these complaints proceed to lawyer discipline.

Along these lines, it is important to understand that the ODC has no authority to become involved in your legal dispute or to affect the outcome of any court matters. We cannot give you legal advice. See "Some Things You Should Know" for more information.

Office of Disciplinary Counsel
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