Continuing Legal Education:

CLE Transcript Troubleshooting

If you have provided a password to the Commission and are unable to log into the secure Transcript database server at, please refer to the troubleshooting tips below.

  • Have you allowed at least one week from submitting your password?
    You must allow at least one week for the Commission to update the database with your information. Once your receive a confirmation email, you have online access.
  • Is your Supreme Court identification number correct?
    Please verify your ID number with that printed on your most recent registration card sent by the Supreme Court. Most Delaware Supreme Court ID numbers are 4 digits or fewer, although members of the judiciary often have 6-digit ID numbers. If you have been using an incorrect ID number, please be aware that your credits may not be accurate as providers report credit based upon the number you provide them. Note: if you enter a 4 digit number as 6 digits preceded by "00", your record will still be found.
  • Is your password correct?
    Passwords are case sensitive. However, if you cannot remember the password you sent to the Commission, you may contact the Commission to resend password.
  • Contact the Commission.
    Call or e-mail the office with exact details regarding any problems.

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