The Delaware Courts will be closed Wednesday, June 19, 2024 in honor of Juneteenth. Justice of the Peace Courts 11 (New Castle County), 7 (Kent County), and 3 (Sussex County) will remain open.

Remote Hearing and Information

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Please be aware that all Family Court hearings are being done live and in-person unless (1) the notice for the hearing clearly says that it will be a remote hearing or (2) a party to the case fills out Form 584 – Request to Participate Remotely and a Judge or Commissioner grants the request. Whether a request to participate remotely will be granted depends upon the type of hearing and the reasons why a person is requesting to participate remotely (for example, residing a long distance from the courthouse). Do not assume that your request will be granted.

If your notice for hearing states that the hearing will be remote, or your request to participate remotely has been granted, send us your contact information on the Contact Information for Remote Hearing form.

Recording of any kind during a Family Court proceeding (including mediation) is PROHIBITED and may result in further action from the Court.

Zoom Information

Many Family Court Remote Hearings are performed using Zoom. If you will be joining a hearing with your cell phone, you will need to download the Zoom app. Additional information can be found on the Zoom Instructions & Materials page.

Having Issues Accessing Your Hearing?

If you are having trouble accessing the Zoom link for your hearing or have not received the Zoom link for your hearing, please fill out the Hearing Issue Inquiry Form.


Did you have a remote hearing or mediation conference? Let us know how it went.*
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