Court of Chancery Court Fees or Charges

Charges for matters not covered by Court of Chancery Rule 3 shall be fixed by Order of the Court. Any charge herein may be increased or decreased by the Court for good cause.

Fees and Charges Applicable to All Types of Actions

Issuing summonses, subpoenas, and other writs
      Each copy

Filing an exception to a Magistrate in Chancery's Final Report $200
Noticing appeal (including preparation of record) $500
Furnishing advertisements to publishers $25
Certification of a document (excludes copy charge) $25
Exemplification of a document (in addition to certification) $50
Preparation of Register's certificate $25
Preparation of short certificate $25
Filing commission $20
Filing bond $25
Any court proceeding scheduled upon request of a party, whether in-person or telephonic $150 per day
Docketing any item, per page $2.00
Scanning hard copy documents for docketing, per page $2
Photocopies, per page $1.50
Copies of opinions, per page $1.50
Microfilm copies, per page $2
Facsimiles, first page $10
Facsimiles, per page after first $2
Storage of exhibits, per exhibit (charged to party that submitted exhibit) $10
Archival retrieval fees (excluding copy charge)
      One folder or less
      For each box or partial box greater than one folder

Preparation of mailing via next day carrier (excludes copy charge) $5

Civil Action Fees

Filing a new case or petition
     With 1 or 2 defendants $300
     With 3 or more defendants $450
      Asserting class action or derivative claims $600
      Involving service under 10 Del. C. § 3114
         with 10 or less defendants
          with more than 10 defendants

     To confirm or vacate an arbitration award $500
     For partition $150
     For decree of distribution $150
     To sell real property to pay debts $150
     For instructions $150
     For adjudication of presumed death $150
     For order disposing of remains $150
     For elective share $150
     For admission of a copy of decedent's will to probate $150
     For a rule to show cause to compel return of assets
         Pursuant to 12 Del. C. § 2105

     For sequestration $850
     (In addition to filing fees an extra $100 is collected at time of filing as a deposit for court costs)
     Counterclaims, cross-claims, or third-party claims are charged at the same rates as a new case or petition
Amended complaint $250
     An amended complaint must be separately docketed. A party cannot rely on the form of amended complaint attached to a motion for leave to amend.
Motion or application for expedited proceedings $500
      Note: A motion or application for expedited proceedings must be filed in connection with any motion or application for a temporary restraining order or preliminary injunction or in conjunction with any summary proceeding
Service letters under 10 Del. C. § 3114 (per letter) $10

Trust Fees

    For administration of new trust
     To modify a trust
     Otherwise civil action fees apply
Trustee bond $10
Filing, recording & indexing accounts of trustees and receivers      
    Amount of principal and income of trust:
     Principal and income
     Less than $500 to $1,000
     $1,001 to $5,000
     $5,001 to $15,000
     Each additional $1,000 to $10,000 or part thereof
     Charge per page
Filing inventory, charge per page $2
Mailing notices to interested parties (per notice) $5
Trustee release $10
Registering certificates of trust $25
Filing an exception to trust accounting $100
Orders modifying a trust - per additional order beyond one $150

Guardianship Fees

Petition or application

     To appoint guardian for a minor (inclusive of all initial filing fees)


     To appoint guardian for a disabled person (inclusive of all initial filing


     In connection with tort settlement (inclusive of all initial filing fees)


     For a rule to show cause in a pending action


     To remove a guardian


     To appoint a successor guardian


     To expend


     To initiate or increase monthly allotment


     To reinvest


     To sell real estate


     To accept foreign guardianship


     To transfer guardianship

Promissory note for guardian borrowing from account $25
Transfer of funds $15
Third party certification of compliance with order $3
Filing an exception to guardianship accounting $100

Receivership Fees

Order appointing receiver $100
Processing of receivership claims
     Claims under $100
     Claims of $100 to $999
     Claims of $1,000 or greater

3% of amount paid

Statewide Security Fee Applicable To All Courts

Pursuant to 10 Del. C. § 8505, a $10 fee is assessed in addition to any other costs imposed by Rule for each complaint, amended complaint, petition, cross-petition, counter-petition, cross-claim, counterclaim, or third party complaint. The fee is not retained by the Court of Chancery. It is deposited in the Court Security Fund to provide supplemental funding for personnel, equipment, and/or training expenses related to judicial branch security.

The Attorney General When Filing Under The Delaware Fair Housing Act Pursuant To 6 Del. C. § 4614(e) or in Veterans' Cases, the Office of the Public Guardian, the Insurance Commissioner, and the Human Relations Commission

Exempt from paying filing fees and costs.