Please be advised that on Monday, May 30, 2022, most Justice of the Peace Court locations will be closed in observance of the Memorial Day holiday. Only Justice of the Peace Court 11 (New Castle County), Court 7 (Kent County) and Court 3 (Sussex County) will remain open.

Judicial Officers

Members of the Judiciary

Justice of the Peace Court Chief Magistrate

Alan Davis

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Justices of the Peace - Kent County

Deputy Chief Magistrate Kevin Wilson, Court 7
Alston-Jackson, Nicole
Cox, D. Ken
Dillard, Dwight
Edmanson II, W.G.
Green, Michael
Hicks, Jamie
Montano, Alexander
Murray, James
Sherlock, Michael
Smith, Judy
Tracy, Dana
First Row (left to right): Nicole Alston-Jackson; D. Kenneth Cox; Dwight Dillard; Wallace G. Edmanson II.
Second Row (left to right): Michael Green; Jamie Hicks; Alexander Montano; James A. Murray.
Second Row (left to right): Michael P. Sherlock; Judy Smith; Dana Tracy; Deputy Chief Magistrate Kevin Wilson.

Justices of the Peace - New Castle County

Deputy Chief Magistrate Sean McCormick, Court 11
Bawa, Nina
Booker, Shameka
Nicholas Brock
Burcat, Peter
Dixon, Bracy, Jr
Eyong, Shanaya
Freel, Beatrice
Hanby, Sr., James R.
Hoof, Bobby
Kenney, Thomas
Kowal, Vincent
Losito, Shelley
MacFarlane, Earl
McCabe-Stroman, Cheryl
Michini, Michelle
Moyer, Amanda
Naugle, Mary Ellen
Newton, Walter
Page, Marie
Perez-Chambers, Maria
Peterson, Alexander, III
Portante, Christopher
Potts, John
Ross, Gerald, III
Ross, Katharine
Skelley, David
Ufberg, Susan
Vodery, Rodney
Top Row (left to right): Nina Bawa; Shameka Booker; Nicholas Brock; Peter Burcat; Bracy Dixon, Jr.; Shanaya Eyong.
2nd Row (left to right): Beatrice Freel; James R. Hanby, Sr.; Bobby Hoof; Thomas M. Kenney; Kerry Kowal; Shelley Losito.
Third Row (left to right: Earl MacFarlane; Cheryl McCabe-Stroman; Deputy Chief Magistrate Sean McCormick; Michelle Michini; Amanda Moyer; Mary Ellen Naugle.
Fourth Row (left to right): Walter Newton; Marie Page; Maria Perez-Chambers; Alex Peterson III; Christopher Portante; John Potts.
Fifth Row (left to right): Gerald Ross III; Katharine B. Ross; David R. Skelley; Susan Ufberg; Rodney Vodery.

Justices of the Peace - Sussex County

Deputy Chief Magistrate Deborah Keenan, Court 4
Adams, John
Adams, Stephani
Bradley, Christopher A.
Castro, Maria
Chandler, Leah
Collazo, Mirta
Comly, Richard
Davis, Terri
Fiske, Bethany
Graves, Brett
Hester, Catherine
Hudson, John
Jewell, Michelle
Kellenbenz, Kristine
Sammons, Jennifer
Whitelock, Candace
Willey, Scott
Wood, W. Patrick
First Row (left to right): John J. Adams; Stephani Adams; Christopher A. Bradley; Maria Castro; Leah Chandler; Mirta Collazo; Richard D. Comly.
Second Row (left to right): Terri Davis; Bethany Fiske; Brett Graves; Catherine Hester; John R. Hudson; Michelle Jewell; Deputy Chief Magistrate Deborah Keenan.
Third Row (left to right): Kristine Kellenbenz; Jennifer Sammons; Candace Whitelock; Scott Willey; William Patrick Wood.